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A-Firmative Health Ltd

Personal Training with the positive touch

Personal training is about having a step-by-step interactive 'manual' providing you with the right directions to reach your goals

 At A-Firmative Health, we aim to give you as much help and assistance as possible to let you to make an educated decision about incorporating an exercise programme within your daily routine. As a Health and Fitness company, we continually strive to deliver a truly competitive service to our clients as far as the fitness industry is concerned, but more importantly, without a affecting the quality or content.

The concept of adopting personal training as an effective method for obtaining desirable health and fitness levels is a very brave (and extremely positive) step towards reaching your personal goals.

Key Business Services

• Personal Training
• weight loss
• tone up
• re shape
• healthy eating
• balance

Business Address

A-Firmative Health Ltd
Orchard Rise East
DA15 8RT
0845 003 7446


Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Sports & Tourism

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